Monday, January 13, 2020

Happy New Year

-Well it's a new decade starting 2020. I’ll have to remember to use 2020 in signing everything and dating checks etc.
-I’m writing this big on 1-13-20 Monday. The grand kids came over for dinner yesterday. Carolyn cooked a pork roast. It was delicious. Carly stored some of her paint supplies in the basement. She is taking a semester off from Mass College Art.
-I showed both Carly and Josh how I make wood picture frames on my table saw with a plywood jig.
-I finished editing my video interview if Jean Trounstine and put it on my website on YouTube. It came out great. It was 35 minutes with 3 camera views. It’s published on Mark's Musings.
-I also made another Buzzell Buzz Podcast and interviewed Ed Smith.
-The Selectman meeting is tonight to discuss new senior center.
-This morning had Men’s Breakfast, then Gym, then Costco, then lunch.